Since starting this project, I've gotten quite a lot of emails from people who really like the idea of playing Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge again on modern PC's without the need for emulators or compatibility settings. Here are some of the most common emails.

Got a question or want to say hello? Feel free to send me a message!

Q: Is this an official Lode Runner?

A: Nope, unfortunately not. Making an official Lode Runner has been a childhood dream of mine since 1997-ish when I first played Lode Runner: The Legend Returns in 6th grade. This project is just two brothers who were massive fans of Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge that couldn't play MMR anymore and thought they'd rewrite it from scratch in their spare time. Why?

  • doesn't work properly on Windows 8.1 (I can't load games/puzzles and my brother can't save them)
  • has quite a few quirks and bugs
  • no modern networking
  • probably the best PC game of all time

I want to stress that I do not have permission from the Lode Runner rights holder (Tozai) or from the owners of Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge (Activision). I plan to make it available for other MMR fans to download, play and enjoy until Tozai/Activision/Sierra update the game and re-release it themselves.

Q: Does the game work on Linux and Mac?

A: Yes! The Mad Monks' Rewrite uses FNA to enable cross-platform desktop support for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OS X.

You can download the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux builds from the downloads page. Wine or virtual machine software is not needed to play.

If you are running macOS Sierra, then the app may be translocated. In a nutshell: Lode Runner gets moved to a temporary folder with no permissions when you run it. You can find more information on App Translocation here. The solution is simple: download, unzip and then drag the app anywhere else.

Q: What OS has MMR been tested on?

A: The game itself is made on a Windows 10 machine (8 and 8.1 before that). So far the game has been reported to work on the following;

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra
  • Linux Ubuntu, Mint, Debian

If you've tried it and it works on an operating system not listed above, I'd love to know.

Q: Where are my puzzles/games/data saved?

The default puzzles, your own custom puzzle sets, saved games, configuration file and scoreboard can be found in these locations:

  • Windows Documents\My Games\Lode Runner Online
  • Mac /Library/Application Support/Lode Runner Online
  • Linux Home/.local/share/Lode Runner Online

Q: Is there support for gamepads?

A: Yes! Windows 10 supports most gamepads straight out the box, including Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers.
If you're using macOS, you can download signed drivers to add Xbox controller support here.

If you've got a controller that doesn't work with Lode Runner then there is a chance you can add support for it. FNA engine uses the gamecontrollerdb.txt file to add gamepad mappings. You can use the SDL2 Gamepad Tool by General Arcade (Win + OSX) to add additional gamepad mappings.

Q: Will there be online gameplay or proper LAN?

A: Yes! LAN is complete and fully functioning. Online will be added during 2017.

Q: When will your Lode Runner be finished?

A: With the exception of online games, our version is fully playable and will load any puzzle you have from the last 20 years.

If you have Windows XP, Vista or 7, then it is well worth you trying out the repackaged installer and patched version of The Mad Monks' Revenge from Caleb, which you can download from his webpage. Windows 8 and 8.1 won't be able to save or load.

With Windows 10, you can load and save both puzzles and games. The save dialog doesn't have a textbox to specify a file name which means saving is a little trickier. As a workaround, navigate to a folder that has saved games or puzzles, make a copy and then rename the file to whatever you want (just use copy/paste/rename from the dialog). Select your file, click save and overwrite it when prompted. You can watch a video on how to so this here.

Q: Why aren't you using Unity 3D?

A1: The main reason is because Unity doesn't allow loading files from disk like a regular game would. I want to simply drop my .exe and additional resource files into the original installed copy making my copy more of a patch (and avoiding the need to ship copyrighted material).

A2: Unity (to me) is a very tricky beast for 2D. That and replicating the game requires a lot of fine control which Unity doesn't offer.

Q: Will it be open-source?

A: You'd be surprised by how many emails I've had asking if I plan to distribute the source or if I'd be willing to share at least some portions of it. The simple answer is "no".

Nearly every hour of my spare time is spent working on this project. I don't want to spend all this time for somebody just to copy & paste the code and put it up on GitHub. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate open source, I just don't feel comfortable making the code for this rewrite available.

Q: Can I help at all?

A: Yes! I need plenty of testers for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). I've got a couple at the moment and the feedback has been invaluable.

Q: Are you taking feature requests?

A: Yes! The most requested feature I've had is a quirks mode to allow most of the original bugs. I've since added that to the game which you can read about here.

Keep in mind that any changes need to be in keeping with the original and we don't have enough time to add them straight-away so don't be disappointed if your request takes a very long time to show up in a build.

Q: Will you add support to alter puzzles like Jim Winkler's Lode Runner Hacker's Editor ?

A: Yes and no. Support to properly load puzzles altered in LodeEdit is present and working but support to modify puzzles outside of what the original Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge editor can do won't be added.

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