What is a Quark Robot?

I've never been asked it and I'm sure a lot of you dear readers have never thought of it, but what exactly is a Quark robot?

A Quark robot from the Doctor Who serial 'The Dominators'

Quark robots out for a walk

Basically, a Quark robot is a 1960's era refrigerator with a round fish tank head and legs and finished off with a very obnoxious voice. They are also incredibility stupid. When you factor in terrain, also incredibility useless. If you have two broken legs then fear not, you can still outrun a Quark! You've got to love Doctor Who in the '60's.

Our logo (which can be seen in the intros before the main menu) has my attempt at drawing a Quark robot. I based it off the wonderful illustration by Joe Callanan over at his Amalgamated Biscuit blog.

Q is for Quark Nailed it!

So, what does this have to do with Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Doctors The Doctors, courtesy of Wiki

Patrick Troughton played the Doctor in this 1968 serial. Overall, the 2nd Doctor was one of the best. My favourite Doctors in order:

  • Tom Baker; best companions (excluding Adric, of course)
  • Jon Petwee; nobody else can pull off velour like the 3rd Doctor
  • Patick Troughton; silly, but generally a great Doctor with decent companions
  • Peter Davison; despite his youth, Tegan and Adric, he was a good '80's Doctor
  • William Hartnell; grumpy and didn't like people - perhaps the only sane Doctor?
  • Colin Baker; ignoring his ridiculous outfit, he was quite good. A mix of the original Who the 'modern' era
  • Slyvester McCoy; quite a good Doctor, rolled his 'r's a little too much and had quite a few rubbish episodes ('Delta and the Bannerman' and 'The Greatest Show in the Galaxy')
  • Christopher Eccelston; if you ignore Rose Tyler and people-eating wheelie bins, then the 9th was a decent Doctor.
  • Paul McGann; the George Lazenby of Doctor Who. Hard to tell with only one outing how he would have been
  • David Tennant; good to start with but turned into a selfish bastard
  • Matt Smith; far, far too young to be the Doctor. His storylines were also incredibly childish.
  • Peter Capalidi; if you ignore Stephen Moffat and Clara being the centre of the show, he has been quite good

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Quark Robot

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