This is what I'm currently working on. A lot of work not on the list has already been done but I will update it every week or so with past completed tasks. There will only be milestones listed to stop this list getting bogged down.

Text in green highlight are tasks that are complete with final testing underway, yellow is on the go, red is a bug that is being looked into, blue is a feature I am thinking about adding and this is work that has been completed.


  • Runners/monks falling and;
  • landing on blocks
  • landing in liquid and drowning
  • grabbing onto monkey bars
  • runners collecting gold and bombs (runners only)
  • getting crushed in phase blocks
  • getting crushed in healing blastable blocks
  • dropping/collecting tools while falling
  • monks landing on other monks heads and waiting for them to continue
  • falling monks taking turns waiting for ones coming out an entry door
  • Player respawn on death;
  • runners re-enter the puzzle when killed (puzzle does not restart for single player - makes testing easier)
  • monks re-enter using their assigned entry door
  • monks without entry doors spawn at random (not at all random it turns out)
  • Players moving up and down ladders and jumping off them
  • Jake and Wes running and hitting objects
  • Jake and Wes running and falling off blocks
  • Blasting;
  • blasting eating away the blastable block
  • block healing over
  • Tool interaction;
  • use teleports
  • teleport transmit animation glitch to be fixed
  • set up snare traps
  • use small bombs
  • regen bombs coming back after collection: timing issue
  • big bombs will destroy items in area
  • player death from bomb blast
  • Environment
  • liquid animating to match original
  • gold twinkling/tools jiggling at random
  • phase blocks
  • original game music added

General stuff

  • OS specific open/close dialogs removed and replaced with similiar theme ones
  • copy/paste and delete puzzle support from dialog
  • Rename file support
  • tooltips
  • OS specific message boxes replaced with similar theme ones
  • drawing the buttons pressed longer when using keyboard shortcuts increases load times by about 50% - I cannot see why this should be happening...
  • speed up puzzle repairing - currently takes ~500ms for 150 puzzles
  • better sounds effect instancing
  • boss key - Wiki


  • full functionality of the original
  • support for shuffling the order of puzzles via the puzzle viewer
  • make the world dialog not a modal window and show the theme behind
  • method to restore the puzzle to last save (file menu no longer present)
  • improve my current move operation