Week #50 update

What I've done this week##


  • improved the box tool to show the tiles that will be filled in
  • fixed bug where the active tile and current tool would not be reset when going back and forth between editor and menu
  • removed the need to create a temporary puzzle on the HDD in order to try - all done in memory now
  • fixed bug that painted a blastable block when erasing a ladder
  • improved double-click support on file dialogs


  • cleaned and optimized the core animation code
  • added support for players to go up and down ladders
  • added partial support for players to leap off ladders
  • finalized dropping and collecting tools whilst falling
  • finalized being crushed in block (phase/blast) when falling

What I'll do next week##

  • finish ladders completely. This includes;
  • both runners and monks going up and down
  • both runners and monks leaping off ladders
  • Adjust phase blocks near explosions to match the original
  • didn't complete this from last week

Wes going down a ladder
Jake going down a ladder

My rule is to keep functionality the same. Heroes going down ladders and dropping onto a block like below I did not replicate. As you can see, Jake is not holding on to anything at all (right side of the shot). That was tricky to capture - four videos I used recorded of the original to add support for dropping off ladders, each video with several different attempts from different rungs on the ladders and I could only get him holding onto nothing like that once.

I can add support to match the original but since I had the trouble above trying to replicate it, I'm just going to assume it is a random quirk in the original.

Imaginary ladder
French mime artist