Bumper update coming this weekend

Where is week #25 update? Again, I've decided to go bananas and do a double update this coming weekend (Sunday, the 28th of June) with weeks 25 and 26, plus a new build to try out for all platforms.

I went to Newcastle to visit my brother again which lost a little over three days of development time. On the plus side, we found quite a lot of two-player gameplay bugs.

What you can expect;

  • Windows, Linux and Mac updates
  • improved monk AI
  • general tweaks, fixes and a small performance boost
  • loads of bug fixes for two-player gameplay
  • update to the FNA game engine
  • editor now saves your last toolbox position on exit

Special thanks to Lavi, Rick and TheWing for reporting bugs and thanks to all the emails I've had supporting this project. Cheers!