Week #24 update

What I've done this week##

This week was rather light on. All my time was spent on AI with some time squeezed out for fixing some bugs and adding some small extras.

The monk AI is not done yet, sadly. My latest attempt is rather really good, unfortunately, it makes some of the original puzzles unsolvable. I'm working on another attempt now which is somewhat of a cross between A* and the current approach with my 2nd attempt mixed in. So far it looks promising.

Since this entry is a little light, I've thrown in a screenshot showing the new AI.
New AI in progress
New AI in progress

There is no download this week but there will be next so make a note of it. On the plus side, there were very few bugs and quirks found to fix which is always nice.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and help. Cheers!


  • the eye dropper tool no longer selects a buried ladder, rather a ladder
  • added an option via the configuration file to make the toolbox start aligned to the right of the screen;
  • pretty useless I know, but still ;)
  • values are zero for left/default and one for right
  • F11 will now show/hide the toolbox to get a better view of the puzzle


  • fixed bug when coming off the top of a ladder and crossing to another ladder with two movement keys held (up+left/right) (The Wing/Rick)
  • left/right movement when going up/down ladders also optimized
  • fixed bug that prevented a player from moving when a block was blasted/destroyed under a phase block (Lavi)
  • tweaked monkey-bar movement to prevent players taking a small step toward a bar but falling instead (Lavi)
  • fixed bug where a monk will fall through a blasted block and not fall into it (Rick)
  • fixed bug that allowed a hero to collected gold at the top of a ladder without picking it up (Rick)
  • players can now drop off monkey bars into liquid and drown
  • monks in YOG mode no longer need to wait to climb out of a hole (matches original)
  • monks pause and wait correctly when coming out an entry door and falling
  • this was previously in but removed for some reason
  • monks now wait correctly on a drowning monk before drowning themselves


  • default game speed reduced from 0.65 to 0.45 (max is 1 with 0.05 increments)
  • improvements to the configuration file;
  • added whether to play/mute game sounds - somehow this was left out all this time...
  • more checks added to help fix dodgy values without having to recreate the entire config file

What I'll probably do next week

  • play/test for bugs
  • continue AI