Mad Monks' Revenge: Release 20.7

Release notes for build 20.7. This build contains new features, a number of bug fixes and general improvements.

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A name in parentheses and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, we appreciate your time and support.


  • FNA updated to latest
  • Photon updated to latest
  • dynamic turn adjustment for online games

To help with lag, we've added an experimental system to adjust the game playout buffer based on each clients server RTT. The host uses these values to work the best rate for all players in the game. To enable this feature, set OnlineBeta to true in your config file (all players in the game must do this!).

Special thanks to How for helping out.


  • fixed file sort ordering in file dialogs under Linux (Cyantusk)
  • fixed monks getting crushed in blasted bricks incorrectly (introduced in 20.6) (Cyantusk)
  • fixed players not getting trapped in snares when a runner unpacks it at the base of a ladder (Cyantusk)
  • fixed runners being able to collect/drop tools while being eaten (Cyantusk)
  • fixed pickaxe rubble falling through a phaze brick when the brick isn't fading out (with Quirks Mode off) (Cyantusk)
  • bungler can now escape a snare when sprayed with gas if he hasn't lifted his arms - this matches the Original (Quirks Mode on) (pteraptera)
  • fixed monks not dropping gold if a blasted brick is above them (pteraptera)
  • fixed online games crashing when attempting to host or join a game (How)
  • fixed players being allowed to blast a brick that is below liquid (GoldStud)
  • fixed players being allowed to blast a brick that is below a monk that is either falling into the hole, stuck in the hole, or climbing out of it (Cyantusk)
  • fixed a monk stuck in a hole from climbing out if another is near (under certain scenarios) (Cyantusk)
  • fixed monks not falling into a blasted brick that is beneath a ladder (Cyantusk)
  • fixed dragging horizontal editor toolbox not working as expected (Penny)

Known issues

  • renaming a puzzle in the Editor can jam the dialog (Linux) (Cyantusk)
  • under specific scenarios, monks can merge together (How, Discord)
  • runners and monks do not get crushed when entering blasted bricks in some scenarios (How, Cyantusk)
  • Linux users cannot play online games (vectornaut, Layla) - the current workaround is to set EnableSSL to false in your config file
  • monks jitter when no runner is available to chase (hiding, unreachable, etc) (Jim, How)
  • runners don't move correctly when standing on a monk (Jim, How)