MMR Update #21

Release notes for October 2018 (build 18.10.6). This build contains gameplay fixes, and updated auiod system.

This is both a minor and major update. Minor as in all the gameplay related bugs were fixed and the build updated last month and major as in the new audio system in FNA.

With the new update to FNA, it was no longer simple to stream audio from Presage data files. Audio tracks are now encoded in ADPCM format (instead of Ogg) - unfortunately this means you will need to download the DLC again if you want the music.

The FNA update has also introduced crackling/distortion to some sound effects.

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A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • players did not move when on hand-over-hand bars (Tim)
  • fixed UI glitches in network dialogs
  • selected region in Editor moved when holding mouse over toolbox (Tim)
  • selected region in Editor did not paste when using non-region editing tools (cut/copy/paste/select) (Tim)
  • monks collected gold when falling (classic mode disabled) (Tim)
  • background lines/thatching did not always draw

Known Issues

  • crackle in sound effects
  • audio levels go up and down randomly (Windows 10)
  • gamepad feedback keeps going when using more than one controller
  • switching to windowed mode hides the Dock (Sierra)
  • regen bomb timing does not accurately match the Original