Week #3 update

What I've done since Christmas##

Turns out Christmas break was good for The Mad Monks Revenge. Apart from Christmas Day, I didn't really have a break either, I was too obsessed with getting work in on Lode Runner.

*Current single-player gameplay*


  • fixed bug that showed the world theme from the previously tested puzzle when returning to the editor regardless if the puzzle that was originally tried is supposed to be that theme


  • fixed bug that allowed players to climb a ladder below liquid and not hit his head
  • overhauled the collision detection for players running;
  • vastly increased accuracy
  • made the spacing from the hit object look much nicer
  • made running on goop and hitting more accurate
  • fixed a bug that allowed a player to take baby steps across a hole and not fall
  • fixed the draw order for the tools to match the original
  • added teleports (falling into one was already done)
  • added goo bucket tool
  • added pick-axe tool
  • finalized snap traps;
  • this includes the hero swinging and randomly attempt to untie the knot or reach for it
  • finished the jackhammer tool;
  • the tool functionality is complete, the cutting out of the block isn't (it appears to recycle some of the blasting effect)
  • added the befuddlement gas gun
  • stream-lined all tools ready for network game-play (quite a while away yet)
  • some extra little tweaks here and there

You can read more about the changes I've made to the goo and pick-axe here. The changes are improvements to fix some quirks and inconsistencies with Lode Runner Online.


The options dialog is now nearly complete. Gamepad and the mouse are not yet done. The latter due to not actually figuring out what the mouse does. I'll get to it though.

  • volume, mute and no music toggles working
  • unlike the original, you now cannot assign the same key twice and dodgy key presses now show a dash
  • revert changes uses a new message box
  • all configurable options no longer use .NETs built in app.settings but an XML config file
  • these include the arbitary undo limit in the editor, the mouse fade-out delay and speed toggles
*Assigning keys and revert changes*


  • the Lode Runner remake now uses the Bass sound engine by Un4seen
  • added the original music tracks!
  • the music is not quite there, when they play and how the repeat or play another is on the go
  • tidy and code clean-up of the main game entry point and the main menu
  • small improvements added to the scrollbar control
  • the font is now one component that can be shared by all text controls
  • I know, it should have been like that from the start, not each control having their own like it was

What I'll probably do next week

  • finish the music hopefully
  • jackhammer tool complete
  • final testing of all single-player movement combinations
  • two player-support;
  • technically, this is already in the game and done from the start, it just hasn't been tested
  • go back to finishing the Mad Monk animations and movement
  • 99% of this is the same code (not copied, the SAME code doing both), the 1% is adjustments needed due to monks and heroes having different animations