Week #49 update

What I've done this week##


  • Undo now works when flipping backwards and forwards through puzzles (the original allows one undo and one redo which doesn't work across puzzles)
  • Background behind the World theme dialog now shows full size preview rather than the blackness the original does
  • Copy + paste works across multiple puzzles (eg. select + all then copy + paste into a new puzzle)
  • Puzzle viewer modified to allow shuffling the order of the puzzles within the set
  • Fixed a bug that caused selecting pliers -> main menu -> editor to crash


  • Optimised the player collision code - faster and 50% less code
  • Improved the animation system
  • Fixed bug where players bombed would draw over the explosion in some frames and snap to the wrong spot
  • Fixed bomb blast sound effect playing on the wrong frame
  • Phase blocks finished
  • 2 player spawn animations added
  • Looked into how & when music tracks play in MMR - still needs research as it seems completely random
  • Tweaked when the runners collect gold and use teleports to match original

What I'll do next week##

  • Adjust phase blocks near explosions to match the original
  • Finalise drop & collect tools whilst falling
  • Fix an intermittent bug with mouse double clicking
  • Start moving up & down ladders
  • Finalise blastable/phase crush death by falling - still need more testing once left and right movement are done

Wes died a hero
Wes died a hero