Week #51 update

What I've done this week##


  • Replaced the editor line tool I wrote to use Bresenham's line algorithm so it now matches the original (mine was too accurate and highlighted too many cells)

New line tool that makes it easier to see what tiles will be painted


  • Pressing one of the keys below when paused will unpause. In the original, the menu or CTRL+P was the only way.
  • movement key; left, right, up, down, blast, actions (pick/drop tool, use tool, use bomb)
  • left mouse click
  • pause button
  • pause shortcut key CTRL+P
  • fixed bug that did not mirror the blast effect when blasting to the left
  • added a bunch of collision helpers to improve detection and reduce code
  • started monk ladder movement
  • started running with a hero
*Jake using ladders just about complete* *Groundhog day*

What I'll do over the next few weeks##

  • running complete for heroes
  • go back and finish ladders for Jake+Wes
  • adjust phase blocks near explosions to match the original
  • still haven't gotten around to that!
  • try not think permanently about Lode Runner over the Christmas break ;)


Overall, not a great deal was done on paper, but if you think about it, running and ladders (combined with the existing falling and drowning) are pretty much all the movement (with the exception of monkey bars).

That is a pretty good effort if you ask me! Hopefully by the New Year ladders and running will be complete for the heroes which will be a huge milestone. My brother will be starting work on the monk AI too so when I finish those animations he can slot that in and we should have a very playable game.