Week #6 update

User interface enhancements and LAN gaming overhaul was the focus for this week. Networking is coming along nicely and I expect to be finished for the end of the month update.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • fixed bug the caused runners to move too far when partially on goo (facing left) and swapping to running (right) (Leandro)
  • fixed bug that reset the timing values for bombs destroyed by a big/boss bomb (Leandro)
  • fixed bug that prevented monks from collecting gold belonging to Jake or Wes (Rick)
  • fixed bug when monk enters befuddlement gas above a blasted block (Rick)
  • improved support for puzzles edited via Jim Winkler's Hacker's Editor
  • added "instant death" support when a runner starts the game sharing the same space as a block;
  • matches original
  • support to do this without the aid of Hacker's Editor won't be added to the editor since the original cannot do it
  • suggested by Jeffrey


  • network support modifications worked on
  • replaced the suicide/die icon in the Options Dialog with a skull and cross-bones to match the game UI;
  • this was also suggested by Jared
  • the old one looked a little like our hero suffering bad back pain

Die icon in Options Dialog
New on the LEFT and old on the RIGHT

  • fixed bug that crashed game when altering key bindings in the options dialog (Leandro)
  • improved input handling project-wide
  • improved text measuring function
  • vastly improved overall textbox control performance, also;
  • rewrote code that handles vertical alignment of text
  • greatly increased click accuracy when moving the caret

A minor issue that keeps popping up is the Lode Runner font. This font only has upper-case characters for what you see on an English keyboard. As a result, it makes it a little difficult when you have to enter text or where you ideally need case-sensitivity. I've altered the file dialog and change-title dialog (editor) to use Arial. Both match the game as you can see below.

The excellent (and free) Bitmap font generator was used to create the size 16 font. I've used it before to create the tooltip font and when converting the Lode Runner font to the same format. I've left the sprite sheet as a PNG since it needs more detailed transparency for the font smoothing than the PAK format can support.

Arial in OFD
Arial font in the file dialog

Arial in textbox
Arial font in a text-box

Bugs being worked on

  • runners being able to climb over monks incorrectly
  • monks disappearing and reappearing when moving the game window or toggling full-screen;
  • only reported on Windows machines but may affect OSX/Linux
  • case-sensitive filename support not working correctly on non-Windows machines

What I'll probably do next week

  • play test for bugs
  • finalize LAN gaming + lobby