August 29, 2015 · downloads august-update

August update now ready!

Head on over to the downloads page to get the August edition of Lode Runner: The Mad Monks' Rewrite. This month's update has seen 40+ bug fixes and improvements and the introduction of LAN gaming.

If you find anything at all that is wrong with the game so far or have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch with me. Your feedback is very important to making this project as good as it can possibly be.

The next build will be at the end of September.

Continue reading for a summary of all the fixes, improvements and new features in the August update.


If your main PC is an Apple machine with OS X and you're looking for a good quality game controller, I highly recommend a Microsoft Xbox One controller. Just follow these steps to install the driver and you are in business.

Xbox One with OS X
Xbox One controller working on Apple OS X


August introduced the ability to host/join a network game. Please note that LAN gaming is very experimental at this stage - games will easily get out of sync.

*Welcome to LAN*


Easier to read key bindings
Updated options for gamepads


When using BMP Font Generator, I highly suggest you make a copy of the main *.bmfc font file often as when it crashes, the file gets wiped and you have to start again.

French file dialog
Overwriting a puzzle in the file dialog


Windows 10 + the original game

With Windows 10, you can load and save both puzzles and games. The save dialog doesn't have a textbox to specify a file name which means saving is a little trickier. As a workaround, navigate to a folder that has saved games or puzzles, make a copy and then rename the file to whatever you want (just use copy/paste/rename from the dialog). Select your file, click save and overwrite it when prompted.

*How to save in Windows 10*


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