Goodbye, 2017

We'd like to give a special thanks to the follwing for another year of work on Mad Monks' Revenge.

  • Howie
  • Jared
  • Ali
  • Leandro
  • Rick
  • Jeffrey
  • Timothy
  • MacLR
  • Azure
  • Helen
  • Adrián
  • Adam
  • Trevor
  • George
  • Travis
  • Conrad
  • Luis
  • Andrew
  • Sam
  • William
  • Matt
  • Christian
  • Miguel
  • Ethan

And a thank you to anyone who has contacted us about our projects this year!
We still get a smile when we get an email saying how much they loved Mad Monks' Revenge growing up and thanks for doing our port.

Special thanks to Anthony Kozar & Toastline for pubishling their Lode Runner 2 technical documention back in 2014. We're almost finished decoding the XUI & RDT files and will send it to them to keep the sharing going.

What's to come in 2018?

Online gameplay is not that far off. You'll soon be able to play with friends and family around the world.

A Raspberry PI version is the most requested feature. Not sure how that will go at the moment. The main hurdle is the code, engine (and all other related libraries), won't run on ARM based devices.

Lode Runner 2 will have a downloadable editor - you'll be able to create puzzles and see what we're doing with the game. If you want to test the puzzles, you can load and play them in the Original game.