Mad Monks' Revenge: Release 19.4.22

Release notes for build 19.04.22 (April 2019). This build contains gameplay fixes, new features, and general improvements.

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A name in parentheses and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, we appreciate your time and support.


  • added Floating rocks quirk to Quirks Mode (ChaosUnown)
  • bonus ending cutscene will only play after credits has been watched (if you click or press a key to skip, you won't get it)
  • updated puzzle schematics to include the liquid and phaze icons from the PowerPC Mac edition of MMR (ChaosUnown, spex)

Updated puzzle schematics


  • fixed regenerating bomb timing not matching the Original game - special thanks to spex and to the Discord community
  • fixed bug that could crash the game when attempting to open corrupted puzzles
  • clicking the mouse outside the game window during cutscenes no longer skips ahead
  • fixed blasted bricks waiting to restore when a monk was below it
  • fixed jumping to a puzzle (CTRL/CMD + G or clicking on puzzle number in HUD) not going to selected puzzle
  • fixed runners dying from bomb blasts while escaping through an exit door (ChaosUnown)
  • fixed start lives option not working when starting a new game (Tim)
  • fixed file dialog not being able to differentiate between a file and folder of the same name (Tim)
  • fixed monks not dropping gold when falling into a blasted brick when an exit ladder is above the hole (ChaosUnown/Tim)
  • fixed monks not dropping gold when falling vertically into a blasted brick (ChaosUnown/Tim)
  • fixed monks not dropping gold when climbing ladders (human controlled)
  • fixed runners not being able to set up snares on a ladder above an empty brick (Sarah)
  • fixed monks treating phaze exit bricks incorrectly (Tim)
  • fixed runners not idling facing front after running when standing on a monk (spex)
  • fixed Flying Lode Runner quirk not matching the Original game (spex)
  • monk hit test range when eating a runner tweaked to better match the Original (increased by 5%) (ChaosUnown)

Known Issues

  • monks merge/get stuck when crossing on/off ladders