Mad Monks' Revenge: Release 19.6.18

Release notes for build 19.6.18. This build contains gameplay fixes, new features, and general improvements.

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A name in parentheses and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, we appreciate your time and support.


  • updated FNA engine
  • users of the Linux build no longer need to set execute permissions after extracting (special thanks to Tim, Eniko)


  • fixed bug in dropdown UI control that could crash the game (BangoJetty)
  • fixed bug in UI system that did not reopen dialogs correctly (BangoJetty)
  • fixed bug in file dialog that crashed the game when saving a file (David)
  • fixed the game not creating auto-saves (while playing or editing) when crashing (ChaosUnown)
  • fixed bug that stopped keyboard bindings not working when a corresponding gamepad binding was cleared (Clark)
  • German language file now up-to-date (special thanks to Clark)
  • fixed volume toggles not keeping their set value in Options Screen (Zera)

Known Issues

  • monks merge/get stuck when crossing on/off ladders
  • Options Screen does not recognise gamepads correctly