Mad Monks' Revenge: Release 20.11

Release notes for build 20.11. This build contains new features, a number of bug fixes and general improvements.

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A name in parentheses and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, we appreciate your time and support.



  • fixed not be able to blast a brick above an exit ladder or exit (How, RingCaat)
  • fixed players not being able to collect gold when falling from a ladder through a trapdoor (Classic Mode) (How)
  • fixed monks not re-spawning correctly with Classic Mode (Rockin, How)
  • tweaked Invisible hand-over-hand bar quirk to match the Original (Ringcaat)

Known issues

  • toggling speed in online games does not always work as expected (Manuel)
  • under specific scenarios, monks can merge together (How, Discord)
  • Linux users cannot play online games (vectornaut, Layla) - the current workaround is to set EnableSSL to false in your config file
  • monks jitter when no runner is available to chase (hiding, unreachable, etc) (Jim, How)
  • runners don't move correctly when standing on a monk (Jim, How)