MMR Update #25

Release notes for December 2018 (build 18.12.29). This build contains gameplay fixes, and general improvements.

This build contains major changes to how players interact with the bricks around them. We've tested as much as possible to make sure the the game plays as before. Please let us know via email or discord if something doesn't work as it should.

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A name in parentheses and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • Audio DLC now includes both Windows and Mac MIDI tracks (Jeffrey)
    • Mac MIDI will play if you are using macOS
    • Windows will play for all other platforms
    • you will need to download a new copy of the DLC to play MIDI or CD tracks
  • F2 will now transfer a life from the player with the highest to the player with the lowest (this replaces the previous F2/F3 option) and now works with all runners (Discord)
  • game controllers can now be used to move the cursor in the Options Dialog (Tim)


  • fixed bug in sprite packing that created textures larger than necessary
  • monks sometimes fell into a blasted brick below when coming out of befuddlement gas (How)
  • players did not behave as per the Original game when crossing into a blasted brick (Tim)
  • changing directions on hand-over-hand bars did not match the Original
  • fixed bug that could adjust an exit door in the editor when changing puzzles

Known Issues

  • collecting all treasure from a puzzle does not always open the exit doors
  • monks can merge/get stuck when crossing on/off ladders
  • switching to windowed mode hides the Dock (Sierra)