Hello, 2019

Another year gone on our Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge and Lode Runner 2 projects. Special thanks to the Discord community (Discordians?) and to all who've emailed us bug reports or to just say hello in 2018.

Mad Monks' Revenge

MMR is nearing completion after 5 years of work. Don't worry, once we've deemed the game "finished", we'll still keep tinkering away at bugs and such and not abandon the project.

Recently, the asset management tool (allows us to add/remove/edit all game assets) was rewritten in C#, finally replacing the need to use two old copies that are, quite frankly, embarrassing to admit I wrote.

Things you can expect to see early 2019:

  • you'll be able to restore saved web games
  • auto-spawn extra runners - this means any puzzle set can be played without needing to edit and add extra runners
  • puzzles page added to the site to allow you to share and download puzzle sets
  • as usual, continue to fix bugs and improve the game

Lode Runner 2

Work commitments away from home saw Lode Runner 2 development stop earlier in the year. With time off for a baby (who I'll introduce the wonders of Lode Runner to, and of course, force to play), I've managed to sneak in some work here and there. The game is getting to the stage where I need to work out what some of the game files do and have been spending quite a bit of my free time doing this.

Development will once again slow right down with me returning to work interstate. With work on MMR nearly complete, hopefully Bram will have time to start work on LR2.

Hopefully this year we'll have a build up to download. There won't be any gameplay, rather the fully working editor. You'll be able to edit/create puzzles that are compatible with the original Lode Runner 2 game.