MMR Update #1

Release notes for January 2019 (build 19.01.17). This build contains gameplay fixes, new features, and general improvements.

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A name in parentheses and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • updated FNA to latest build
  • PRESAGE folder containing bonus puzzles renamed to Lode Runner and only contains puzzle sets from various Lode Runner releases
  • bonus puzzles will only get extracted once on first launch of the game;
    • you can now delete this content if you don't want it
    • toggle FirstRun in your config file if you'd like it to be unpacked again (existing content won't be overwritten)
  • easier to organize your content: you can now create/delete/rename/copy folders in-game via the File Dialog
    • you can only create a folder when saving a game/puzzle
  • support added to import Lode Runner: Legacy levels and convert them to puzzles;
    • open any .bytes level as you would a normal puzzle via the Editor
    • custom levels and WorkShop levels can be converted
    • XL levels will be split over 4 puzzles

Level by okajimania

Above level opened in MMR

Easier to organize your puzzles and saves


  • fixed dock/menu issue when toggling between windowed and full-screen on macOS (Discord Community)
  • fixed bug that stopped runners using a pick-axe on the top row of a puzzle (Tim)
  • players did not climb ladders on the bottom row the same as the Original (Walter)
  • fixed bug that caused players to have negative lives (Tim)
  • fixed bug that caused players to not grab a ladder correctly when above a blasted brick (How)
  • fixed bug that caused players to fall into a closing blasted brick with a monk being crushed (How)
  • 1P and 2P puzzles for MMR in the PRESAGE folder where not the correct puzzles (How)
  • exit melody did not play for 2P+ local games
  • fixed textbox control allowing users to double-click text when cursor was not inside control
  • fixed bug that prevented a user from navigating back out of folders in the File Dialog
  • added missing tooltips for ok/cancel button in the File Dialog


  • changes to scoreboard handling will mean the loss of your scores, sorry
  • removed 'TAB' key support from UI dialogs
  • for those making their own auto-update scripts, you can use to get the current build and platform links (JSON format)

Known Issues

  • collecting all treasure from a puzzle does not always open the exit doors
  • monks merge/get stuck when crossing on/off ladders
  • game does not scale well when running in a window