MMR update #43

Work on networking gaming - you know, making the word "online" in the game title come true - is well under way. My ETA for it being playable is by the end of the year. This should be doable since both the lobby (just needs tarting up a bit) and the lockstep gameplay are complete.

I went to Newcastle to visit my brother on the weekend. Apart from playing this game (the excellent DEBRA puzzle set), I helped fix a scaling/view port issue with Lode Runner 2 and helped out a little on the project.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • monks no longer drop gold when drowning in liquid (Tim)
  • removed puzzle files from showing when restoring a game (gaming via the in-game menu) (Ted)
  • befuddlement gas animation now closely matches the Original;
  • it doesn't match 100% - the Original does some rather odd things when playing the animation
  • fixed players being immune to gas if they spray gas over existing gas - this matches the Original (Nadia)


  • reinstated message box letting gamers know networking isn't ready to try (GrowingTrees)
  • fixed game properties being ignored when matchmaking
  • refactored RPC framework
  • removed Lidgren from the game


  • fixed double-click not working correctly in listbox controls (Tim)
  • greatly simplified YOG cheat activation handling;
  • same process LR2 uses for its 'glazed donut' cheat
  • content manager changes;
  • simplified asset specific identification
  • added stream asset reader (when assets need to be read but not converted from native format) to keep content manager consistent and to remove bulky/difficult code
  • fixed temporary/default filename not incrementing in file dialog (E.G; 'Untilted2)
  • options dialog now shows more human readable window sizes (instead of resolutions)

Updated display option
Updated window sizes

Bugs being worked on

  • monks merging when crossing on/off ladders
  • switching to windowed mode hides the Dock (Sierra)
  • regen bomb timing does not accurately match the Original

What I'll probably do next

  • continue working on network games
  • ability to 'pause' the game when testing and return after minor edits