LR2 Update #5

As usual, I've been busy with work and haven't had much time to get stuck in to Lode Runner 2.
That said, I did make some time this week to progress with the Editor.


  • Added the escape menu - so far I've got it centred in the screen rather than centred in the world viewport like the original does
  • LR2 font loaded
  • Mouse snap-to-grid added
  • Volume highlighting added (more on that below)
  • Tooltips and shortcuts added to all toolbox items

Escape menu
Editor's escape menu

Pixel-perfect mouse picking

The original Editor allows you to shift+click to select a brick and snap to it. After much testing, I couldn't find any way to determine which item the mouse is over so I resorted to the old tried and tested method of using a mouse map.

How it works is relatively simple:

  • Each time the level is modified, render it a second time to a RenderTarget using a solid colour, with each brick using a unique colour
  • I generate a "random" colour based on the brick index so it's easier to find later and means I don't have to store it
  • Store the image as a 1D array via RenderTarget.GetData
  • Each time the mouse moves (and shift is held), lookup which colour is at the mouse coordinates
  • Undo the above "random" colour to determine the index of the brick
  • Render it highlighted!

Mouse Map
Mouse map for the level 'Swingers'

And here you can see a brief video of it in action and also how LR2 renders a level:

What's next?

Over the coming weeks, I hope to have cleaned up the project so far and continue on with:

  • Look in to how LR2's editor seems to know what each properties a brick has. This data gets saved in the level but where does the editor get it from? Is it hardcoded in (I hope not) or does it come from a file I haven't found yet?
  • Start the basic tools such as paint & erase