Monk only teleports

A few months back Lavi, a build tester, suggested the idea of a monk only teleport. Monks can of course use any teleport - including those of Jake and Wes - but before now, didn't have their own. The idea behind the teleport is to allow you to design puzzles the require you to take advantage of the monk behaviour and 'herd' them to areas you can't reach to collect gold for you.

*Monk only teleports*

Déjà vu

If you're thinking "hmmm, that puzzle looks a little familiar" then you are correct. The puzzle is based off a volvano puzzle in the Xbox version of Lode Runner (stage 9, level 3). I swapped worlds to make the teleport stand out a little more and added some extra blocks around the edge to pad it out since the Xbox puzzle doesn't use much of the screen.

The editor

Adding a monk only teleport to the editor is the same as any other teleport. Just select it from the tile palette and away you go.

Monk only teleport

Consumer advice

If you do add a monk teleport to a puzzle, the puzzle will no longer be compatible with the original Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge and you'll get the error below:

Invalid puzzle format

If you remove the teleport then the original is happy to load the puzzle set once more.