Playing over the Internet

I've had a few questions recently about when online gameplay will actually be added. It's slowly being worked on but in the meantime, you can play using a VPN tunnelling service such as LogMeIn's Hamachi.

When installing, make sure you uncheck the box that wants to install bloat/crap with it. You'll need to restart your machine after installing to start the tunnelling service.

The only real downside of Hamachi is that it doesn't seem to be very reliable. Pings of 400ms+ happens on a daily basis + the need to restart the service or your PC multiple times for it to kick in.

To enable Hamachi support you will need to open your configuration file (you can find the location of your config on the FAQ page). Copy your Hamatchi IPv4 address (see image below) and paste it into the <HamachiAddress> entry.
It should look something like <HamachiAddress></HamachiAddress>.

Finding your IPv4 address
IP address

Do this on up to 4 PC's and you should all be able to see each other when you run Lode Runner and either host or join a game.
Reducing lag is currently being worked on but it's still very playable.