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Random puzzle generator

I like creating puzzles in Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge. The problem is that I'm not very creative and it takes me a very long time to come up with a good puzzle. The same goes for any game, the last map I made for StarCraft took over a week.

Adding some way to help me out has been on my TO-DO list for quite a while so I spent some time adding a little something. The video below shows me using the helper to create a puzzle, make edits to it and then test try it in only five minutes. Granted, the puzzle I made isn't very complex but it does show off the feature.

The random puzzle generator is by no means brilliant or smart. It just randomly adds a series of puzzle elements to give you a helping hand. How does it work?

All of the above values were just chosen at random with some trial and error to produce some results that could be worked with. To use the random generator, press CTRL+R. I used it twice in the puzzle I made. If enough people find it useful, I'll add a button to the menu down the bottom.

I did think about making the generator more advanced, making complete and solvable puzzles but decided against it. The idea is to just give you a little nudge to get you going.

*Puzzle generator in action*

If you would like to see any changes or would like to give it a go before the October build (29th) then just send me a message and I'll send you a test.


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