September 28, 2015 · downloads news

September update now ready!

September has been one of the busiest months yet on Lode Runner - this month alone has seen 70+ fixes, updates and enhancements. Head on over to the downloads page to get the September edition of Lode Runner: The Mad Monks' Rewrite. Usually there are two developers working on this project but this month my brother has been away for work leaving it all up to me. Still, quite a lot was done.

If you find anything at all that is wrong with the game so far or have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch with me. Your feedback is very important to making this project as good as it can possibly be.

The next build will be at the end of October. Can't wait until then? Just shoot me an email and I'll send you a patch to try out - just remember that patches may be a little unstable.

Special thanks this month to Kyson and Rick for play testing and finding bugs. Thanks, guys!

Continue reading for a summary of all the fixes, improvements and new features in the September update.


Editor paint helpers
Increased alpha tint level on the paint helpers, making them less distracting

Settings with paint helper
Settings now draw over the top of the paint helper (pliers tool)

When creating puzzles with lots of teleports and/or receivers, it can get a little confusing. The editor now draws a link between the teleport and the receiver as you can see in the nice video below.

*Easy to visualize teleport links*


*Puzzle complete sound effects in action* *Restore a saved game*


*Monks stealing gold over and over*


*LAN game in action!*


*Beware of murky water!*


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