Week #39 update

This week was spent adding save game support and fixing some of the issues that have been hanging around for a while. Unfortunately, I've hit a dead-end with the original save game format. It is clearly encrypted and will have to stay that way. In its place I've made a new format that works the same. I plan to add tracking to the saved games later on to show you your most used tool, monks you've killed, how long you've played, and that sort of thing.

The mad monks got some time spent on them too. YOG monk control mode was fixed, better gold stealing/dropping code and some blasting issues with monks falling into a hole. Monks still need some more work, but I think they are getting close to being in par with the original.

Remember to check back on Tuesday the 29th for the updated September build.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • YOG cheats (except puzzle skipping and turbo mode) now work again in the editor


  • added support to save and restore games;
  • if you save a game in a secret puzzle, you'll be taken to 151 when you load it back. The original loads the secret puzzle but with the wrong theme which I think is a bug.
  • fixed bug that crashed the game when restarting/death in a secret puzzle
  • fixed bug that allowed players to fall into a block a monk is climbing out of on some occasions
  • fixes to YOG mode monk control;
  • fixed bug that did not pause the game after runners entered if YOG mode was used
  • monk bumping/stack support re-added for YOG controlled monks
  • monks no longer go into the idle pose when enabling YOG mode before the game begins - this matches the original
  • when restarting a puzzle, monk control mode is disabled - this does not match the original. In the original, monk mode would remain on and the controlled monk would be reset to the 1st in the puzzle which doesn't really seem correct

YOG mode monks
Previously on the LEFT and current/original on the RIGHT

  • made tweaks to monks falling into blasted holes both horizontally and vertically
  • fixed bug that caused monk to fall into a blasted hole that was healing over/blast aborted
  • monks that can't move but are still carrying gold will now drop and pickup repeatedly like they did in the original Lode Runner
*Monks stealing gold over and over*

Monk in hole fix
This should no longer happen


  • completed the new lobby system for LAN games;
  • with only two player support, this is still a message box in appearance for now
  • created a helper method to reduce code when loading puzzles
  • moved all the network prompts and text to the language files
  • moved puzzle loading error messages to language files

Bugs being worked on

  • nothing, yay!

What I'll probably do next week

  • play/test for bugs
  • work on some of my TO-DO list items
  • continue AI improvements
  • continue LAN