Week #15 update

What I've done this week##

I spent a lot of time this week trying to test Lode Runner a Mac OSX (Yosemite) machine. My brother and I didn't have much luck. The game crashes when attempting to initialize the Bass sound engine. When we've fixed this and done some testing, I'll put up a copy for any Mac fans to try.


  • added the YOG cheat;
  • works the same as the original
  • CTRL+F3 will activate manual monk control
  • CTRL+F5 will collect all the gold from the puzzle but not instantly complete it - NEW
  • CTRL+F8 will skip to the next puzzle
  • CTRL+F6 for turbo mode I've dropped as it is extremely pointless
  • fixed bug with player-specific tools caused a game crash
  • game pause when a hero has finished entering the puzzle on ground level - this matches the original
  • removed support in monks to pause after one move as until a hero does as the above now handles this
  • bomb improvements;
  • added lit bombs to the game
  • added lit regen bombs to the game
  • fixed bomb bug where a hero regen bomb would ignite when not visible
  • improved game pausing


  • UI tweaks
  • added the new editor icon to the main menu
  • fixed an incorrect timing value bug when skipping intro logos
  • added more tooltips to the game

I rebuilt the sounds this week. It turns out Microsoft XNA was far supieror at loading sounds than MonoGame/FNA/Bass sound engine. Nearly all of the sounds for cut-scenes crackle and pop under either FNA or Bass but they didn't for XNA. The only thing I can think of is DirectX is better at audio than OpenAL. The solution was to use GoldWave and resample all the sounds and save them again.

What I'll probably do next week

  • work on monk AI on and off
  • try and fix the Bass Mac OSX issue or remove it (as a temporary measure) to test