Week #16 update

What I've done this week##

This week was mostly focused on monk AI and replacing the slow high-scores/menu logo effect to use shaders.


  • improved initial pause/un-pause of the game after a hero enters
  • improved input keyboard handling for the UI during gameplay
  • fixed bug where monk could eat a hero teleporting
  • added a chat box for network games;
  • coloured text to show which player sent the message (white = Jake, blue = Wes and red = monk)
  • shows up to five messages
  • messages show for five seconds each
  • newer message show at the top and push the older ones down

Chat box
Multiplayer chat system

  • monk AI;
  • monks now wait for other monks properly when falling and climbing ladder to match original
  • if a monk is climbing a ladder and another is coming and crossing onto the same ladder, the one on the ladder will be polite and wait for the monk to cross first before continuing to climb
  • added support for monks waiting on each other when falling/walking past an entry door (work-in-progress)
  • multiple fixes to monks being gassed
  • multiple fixes to monks and snare traps


  • improved audio handling
  • fixed some interface audio quirks (sounds playing when they shouldn't, out of turn, etc.)
  • moved debug information to the foreground (fixed a modal window darkening the text)
  • FPS counter now visible in debug mode throughout the entire game (press '~' to access debug mode)
  • tweaked the editor icon on the main menu
  • fixed incorrect title alignment of the file dialog titles
  • re-wrote the scoreboard transition effect to use a shader which greatly improves performance
  • added shift key support to the textbox control

What I'll probably do next week

  • again, monk AI. This is the key to the game so I will be tracking down some outstanding issues
  • go through my TO-DO list and tick off loads of items