Week #19 update

What I've done this week##

This week was spent doing loads of play testing, fixing bugs, better music support and Ubuntu Linux testing.

Play testing has revealed a whack more little quirks and some bugs - most of them found by Lavi, a Lode Runner fan who has kindly been helping me out this week. To better support the Ogg soundtrack and fix the issue from the last build that stopped tracks from playing the first go, I made some mods to FNA to support streaming from Presage Resource files which works on Windows and Mac.

Linux testing on VMware Player with Ubuntu 15.04 x64 was not quite successful. Lode Runner launches but fails with an OpenGL issue. Lavi tested with a proper Ubuntu install and got quite a lot further but with some issues. It looks like it will be another week or two before a Linux copy is ready.

All of this week and last weeks update is now available to try for both Windows and Mac which you can grab on the downloads page.


  • players can no longer slide down a ladder and through liquid to another ladder: he'll drown - the original allowed this but I'd say it is a bug
  • heroes can now stand on monks' heads like the original
  • fixed bug that allowed a monk to fall into a healing blasted hole and not get crushed;
  • this was due to the monk falling into a hole not actually being in the hole when it is closing
  • the healing hole will now wait to restore + crush players when a monk is no longer falling which I believe the original does
  • fixed bug that caused player to move wrong after some blast moves
  • fixed bug that prevented players being buried by falling rubble (this was introduced last week)
  • fixed bug when a monk eats a player swinging an axe
  • fixed quirk where an orange door when unlocked and all gold completed would turn into the standard exit door*****
  • fixed bug that caused the Lava and Phosphorus worlds to get swapped (mainly when playing puzzles that were not made in this rewrite)*****
  • fixed bug that allowed a player to fall through the edge of a block*****
  • fixed logic error that stopped hero teleports from being assigned if painted before a receiver. This bug only affected puzzles created in this rewrite*****
  • big bombs ignited smaller bombs instead of destroying them*****
  • fixed issues with a hidey-hole place at the top of a ladder that causes a hero to fall when leaving the hole and re-entering it*****
  • I also took the chance to make another small mod to this: instead of the player standing, then moving to a side to enter the hole, the player will go straight into it giving the illusion of him backing into the hole
  • you'll also note the original doesn't use the last frame of animation, not sure why as it looks nicer and matches the cut-scene (Ancient World)
  • this looks a lot smoother than the original but doesn't 'ruin' the game

The ***** means all credit to Lavi for helping me out tremendously with play testing and Linux testing. Thanks again, Lavi.

Hide-hole animation
Hidey-hole comparisons: left is the original, right the new


  • fixed an issue reading the configuration file for non-English and European languages
  • fixed quirk with keyboard input
  • audio track mods;
  • custom Ogg playback swapped to use FNA's Song and MediaPlayer (which use the Vorbis libraries)
  • made some modifications to FNA Song and MediaPlayer to support streaming from a Presage resource file (or seeking within a song)
  • this fixed the issue of music playback not starting the first go when launching a new game in the previous build
  • fixed issue with music not pausing/resuming correctly
  • fixed crash when quitting the game if the music DLC was not present

What I'll probably do next week

  • play test and bug hunt
  • improve monk AI
  • continue Linux testing