Week #31 update

What I've done this week##

Not a lot was done this with week on paper. Mainly play testing and some time-consuming tasks. I also upgraded my Windows 8.1 Z1 machine to Windows 10 which ate some of the day away.

The July update is now available. Please head over to the downloads page if you haven't already done so and give it a try. You can read a summary of all the fixes and features in the July update here.


  • removed redundant puzzle checks (this is already taken care of in the file dialog)


  • runners now fall when a monk is close to climbing out of a blasted hole and land on his head - this matches the original
  • you can no longer blast a block under a gassed monk - this matches the original
  • blasting code rewritten;
  • fixed flicker when a runner blasted a block that a monk was standing on top of
  • improved the blasting of blocks when a monk is on top of them;
  • before, if the monk was completely on top, the restore effect would start from the first frame, else, the third frame
  • now, the restore starting frame is a percentage of how far into the block the monk is. The result is a much smoother looking effect that surpasses the original.
  • players can no longer fall into a blasted hole while the block is being blasted - matches original

Monk AI

  • monks can now climb out of a hole if a runner is adjacent to him - matches original
  • fixed bug that confused a monk chasing Wes
  • fixed visual glitch that made the monk jerk when his bound box overlapped a runner
  • fixed bug that could crash the game when a monk eats a hero on a ladder


  • optimized some helper methods
  • pruned more obsolete code from the project
  • fixed bug that cleared the file dialog when overwriting an existing file
  • fixed bug that did not open the correct file when typing manually in the file dialog
  • added some characters used in the French language;

New characters
Sample text on the RIGHT and creation on the LEFT

The main game font has no other accompanying files or data with it that specifies character spacing, offsets, sizes, etc. It took a very long time originally to get all this information. A lot of print+screening was used but the end result works well. I've been converting this over to the same format used by the 'Arial' tooltip font. Why have two fonts with two different ways of loading them?

Building the MMR font
Making sure each character's spacing matches

What I'll probably do next week

  • play/test for bugs
  • continue AI improvements
  • start LAN?