Week #32 update

What I've done this week##

I didn't do a great deal this week. Fear not, I did achieve quite a lot, just nothing visual to show.

The original font loading has now been fully replaced with a font made using BMP Font Generator. The end result was less code, easier to maintain font and no longer two methods to load fonts. This was a very time consuming process. I think I've got it all working as it was before. If you see any font issues, please let me know.

I swapped Visual Studio Community 2013 with 2015. To integrate XNA with 2015, download the MXA Game Studio package from Codeplex and install the parts you need. There isn't support for 2015 yet, so you'll need to edit the extension.vsixmanifest file as per this StackOverflow answer.

The original Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge now lets you load games and puzzles when running Windows 10. The save dialog doesn't have a textbox to specify a file name which means saving is a little trickier. As a workaround, navigate to a folder that has saved games or puzzles, make a copy and then rename the file to whatever you want (just use copy/paste/rename from the dialog). Select your file, click save and overwrite it when prompted.

*How to save in Windows 10*


  • nothing, yay!


  • fixed bug that allowed you to climb up a ladder and into a fall-through block


  • Lode Runner font loading replacement complete
  • fixed bug in the file dialog when altering filenames manually
  • you can now click-to-skip the score board like the original but not crazy fast (like the original)
*Click-to-skip scores*

What I'll probably do next week

  • play/test for bugs
  • continue AI improvements
  • start LAN?