November 8, 2015 · weekly update wip bumper update

Week #45 update

It has been a bumper week. As you can see below, lodes of bugs have been fixed and some new features added such as two more runners, a quirks mode add-on to fix the running in goo faster bug from the Original, plus monks re-entering the puzzle when they have no entry doors.

Special thanks to Leandro for the video below and spending a lot of time testing Lode Runner Online for me.

*Welcome, Jane and Digmo!*

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!



The rock piles created by a pick-axe had multiple issues since the major update last week. I thought I fixed these but Leandro pointed out multiple bugs so I rewrote portions to make it simpler. All issues are now fixed and the tool behaves as the original game now - rocks won't fall down ladders.

The goo puddles also got another look at with several issues fixed. Like rock piles, these now behave as the original and cannot fall down ladders.

Jason's Lode Runner Archive has the following listed as a possible bug;

You can move through slime a little faster than you should be able to if you tap repeatedly on the left or right movement key.

This is because the sticky walk animation spans a long distance with a gap with some goo splatters at the start and end of each frame. I've added some magic to position the runner when he idles in line with his boots from the goo run frame. This has now been added as a quirk and to access the normal behaviour you'll need to play with quirks mode enabled. The end result you can see in the video below - you can no longer move too fast through goo.

*Jake is running and Wes is tapping the keys*


Network games are getting another major overhaul. I know, this is happening quite often. Since most of my LAN testing is done on the same machine, I started using Lidgren's lag simulation to enable better testing. Turns out, the current approach is not very accurate. Runners doing rapid movements or collecting/dropping tools can cause game to get of sync within seconds - hence the overhaul.

It should be on track to be finished for the November build. For those of you interesting in the behind-the-scenes of network games, Gaffer On Games has a very good set of articles.


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