Week #5 update

What I've done this week##

Not a great deal has been done when written down, but visually, quite a bit has been added.

*Say hello to the game intro!*

All the stuff I wanted to get done this week was put off to get the player code ready for my brother to add in the AI. This and getting addicted to finishing cut-scenes that I hadn't planned on doing.


  • improved the adjust settings (pliers) tool;
  • holding down the mouse for half a second will increase/decrease automatically without having to click dozens of times


  • improved the timing value for the regen bombs
  • this must be accurate as one of the original puzzles depended on the timings
  • I'm not sure why, but it is very tricky to work out
  • fixed bug that would not show a regular exit door in a puzzle that doesn't have gold
  • my brother has done quite a lot with path-finding. He'll be posting an article in the next day or two
  • started separating the player class into three; base, hero and monk


  • fixed bug in scrollbars that would ignore minimum value checks when dragging the widget
  • added the intro logos and Jeff Tunnell Productions animation
  • added support for in-game cut-scenes;
  • some audio needs adding
  • music needs to be added
*Cut-scene work in progress* *Ancient World cut-scene*

Doing cut-scenes threw up a bonus too: I found out the purpose of some the unidentified values in movie files. I don't use these values as they don't appear to be for anything.

What I'll probably do next week

  • everything from week 4 update that I didn't get to this week
  • finish separating the players