Week #6 update

What I've done this week##

This week was spent going through my to-do list (plain Notepad text file pinned in Visual Studio - super simple and quick to use) and checking of a lot of little minor issues. Nothing was done on the AI front as my brother was away for work but I have nearly completed the work ready for his AI to slot in.


  • added multiple undo support for the adjust settings tool (pliers)
  • added a revert button to the save-before-load message box;
  • replaced the old menu strip 'Restore'
  • speedy option to reload the puzzle without having to click no, then load it again via the OFD.
  • the icon is the options dialog revert button resized in MS Paint and altered to remove the mess MS Paint makes

Revert option
Revert button added to the message box shown when loading a puzzle with changes


  • fixed bug that allowed a playing hanging off the bottom of a ladder to side-step onto an imaginary ladder
  • fixed bug that allowed players to drop off a monkey bar and go through a teleport at the top of a ladder and climb
  • tweaked ladders to match the original when rapid jumping between various ladder combinations
  • tweaked players coming off a ladder into goop (to match original)
  • made players snap to climb down ladder animation when blasting from a ladder (to match original)
  • tweaked monk when climbing out of a hole and onto a ladder to grip the ladder
  • fixed issue that caused players to flicker and not move when going up a ladder to a monkey bar, then facing left. If you move left gently, the player flickers and won't move until the next key press. Issue was caused by the code executing too quick (like using DateTime.Now.Ticks in rapid succession gives you the same tick count)
  • fixed issue the caused players to fall off a monkey bar instead of grabbing onto a ladder when facing right, then left, then move
  • finished multi-key press;
  • the key you pressed most recent is what is used (as per the original)
  • E.G; if you hold down left and press right whilst still holding left, he goes right, let go of right and he will go left
  • isolated and prepped input checking ready for monk AI + networking in the future


  • tweaked the base animation class to support the frame play rate in the animation movie files
  • fixed bug when skipping the intro logos that stopped the main menu buttons from showing
  • fixed issue with the main menu showing through the options dialog
  • fixed issue that caused sound effects unloaded to never play again once reloaded;
    • this was only introduced last week
  • progressed with repeating audio sounds in cut-scenes/movie files
  • started work analysing saved game files - these are a tricky beast;
  • it appears that each file is encrypted or ciphered in some way as for example if you go into the first puzzle of the official set and save immediately, you get a different file each time.
  • they don't use the same format as Lode Runner 2 (see below)

Speaking of Lode Runner 2, If you're a fan or you're interested in the technical workings of the game, I'd recommend going to Anthony Kozar's site. After Jason's, Anthony's would have to be my favourite Lode Runner site.

What I'll probably do next week

  • finish cut-scene audio, thus finishing cut-scene work completely
  • monks colliding with other monks
  • finish player prep for AI