Welcome 2023

This Lode Runner project in 2022 had the least number of updates and work done since we started over 8 years ago. Build 21.03 was uploaded a few days before my house was flooded and remained the newest build for 18 months with only minor bugs reported.

What's to come in 2023? With my house nearing completion, I expect a lot more to happen with both Lode Runner Online and Loder Runner 2.

  • continue to make gamepad support easier when it is the primary source of input (Steam Deck for example)
  • add sound effects from Lode Runner: The Legend Returns into the game (with blasting style/sounds/MIDI audio going under a "The Legend Returns" toggle)
  • fix outstanding bugs from 2022
  • code from LR2 and MMR that are 99% a clone of each other (such as input, UI, sound, content loading) will share to save time/duplication
  • project clean-up of LR2 before uploading a build of the Editor

Special thanks to How, Hunk, Mr107, MysticalOS, PTO, Tim, and all in the Discord channel for continuing to support this project, despite the slow progress in 2022.