Week #12 update

Happy Easter
Happy Easter!

If you enter full-screen mode (ALT+ENTER), depending on your display you should get some pillar boxes down the side and possibly some letter boxes. The background is now scaled and will fill the entire screen. Not a ground-breaking feature but I think it adds a nice little touch.

Letter box sample
Example letter boxing

No letter boxing
No letter boxing

Screen scaling works quite well on Windows machines but with limited access to Apple machines, it is a little off. Don't worry, the default 640x480 works perfectly still.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • players are no longer immune to getting crushed by a block when gassed (Howie)
  • fixed bug that did not allow a rope trap to snare players if the runner did not move away from the trap before death - this matches the original (Jayde)
  • fixed bug that did not allow tools or bombs to be used when running in goo covered blocks (Jayde)
  • returned text shadow to in-game menu (lost during migration to new font system)
  • fixed bug that caused the game to update and draw when it was not being used


  • fixed bug that caused Windows builds to crash on start-up
  • global audio toggle (CTRL+E, CTRL+M) added to the project
  • video player;
  • fixed incorrect palette on ending (post-credits)
  • fixed cut-scenes being disposed of incorrectly
  • fixed video player from drawing outside the movie border
  • fancy letter/pillar box support over the standard black bars added
  • support added for the mouse cursor to move outside the game and into the letter/pillar box
  • reduced draw calls for the background @ 640x480 from 940 to 1 - that is not a typo!
  • fixed bug with tooltips not showing on the puzzle viewer control when in verbose mode
  • removed "game states" from the Window Manager - the WM no longer needs to keep track of this

Bugs being worked on

  • monks disappearing and reappearing when they are going up/down a ladder (cannot reach a runner);
  • appears to be dependent on game speed
  • when moving the game window
  • toggling full-screen to window mode
  • blocks blasted instantly 'healing' and crushing a monk - timing dependent (Jayde)
  • case-sensitive filename support not working correctly on non-Windows machines
  • monks repeatedly running and stopping in goo causing them to move backwards rapidly (only occurs when under the influence of YOG)

What I'll probably do next week

  • project clean-up
  • LAN lobby