May 15, 2016 · weekly update wip

Week #19 update

I'm happy to report that about 90% of my time on Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Rewrite/Revenge was spent entirely on LAN games! Non-networking areas of the project included some general bug fixes and updates to the scoring system.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!



The lobby is coming along great. There are only a few more things to go before I'll start work on actual gameplay. Networking works perfectly on Windows but Mac OS X and Linux platforms aren't as lucky. Testing with this shows the Mono Framework has some issues with sockets. This will hopefully be sorted out this week.

The main thing to go on the lobby is transferring the puzzle to all gamers and choosing how many runners each gamer can use. For example;

Special thanks to Jared for his continual Linux testing and Ethan Lee for pointing me in the right direction with the Mono Framework issues.


Easier to read points

Bugs being worked on

What I'll probably do next week


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