Week #27 update

This week was mainly focused on fixing outstanding bugs and doing a small amount of work on extra players.
All of the game-crashing and show stopping bugs seem to be gone and I'm really happy with how stable the game is.

I'd like to give special thanks to Sam Treviño and Nadia for helping to track down the bug that caused monks to run to the left side of the screen. This bug has been present for a very long time now but I haven't been able to isolate it before so thank you both!

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • fixed bug when attempting to alter an exit door in the last puzzle of the set (Steve)
  • added tooltips for items in the tile palette (Jared)

Tooltips in tile palette
Tooltips show what items are in the palette

Prefer the grid overlay that is present in debug mode when painting? You can now toggle the grid in the editor anytime you like. The keyboard shortcut is CTRL+G.

Grid overlay
Grid overlay makes it easier when painting


  • fixed bug when runners are between ladders and inside a fall-through block (Howie)
  • fixed bug that caused the drop tool sound effect to play when monks drop gold or a tool was re-inserted into the puzzle when a runner died
  • monks no longer run to the left of screen (Sam)
  • fixed bug that prevented monks from dropping gold when standing on the bottom row of the puzzle
  • returned adding lives to runners via cheats (Howie)
  • ability to restore a game has been returned to the game menu (Jared)
  • runners no longer levitate when being eaten if they were setting up a rope trap on a ladder (Jayde)
  • fixed controlling players with the mouse
  • basic work started on adding optional game modes. These will be selectable on starting a new game with the following in progress so far:
  • timed - set a time and the game will automatically save & quit when the time is up
  • no extra lives (currently in and working) - start with a set amount of lives. No extras will be granted on exiting a puzzle

Levitating disembodiment
Levitating disembodiment

Restore game
Restoring game via the gameplay menu


  • fixed typo in lobby (Howie)
  • vastly improved remote player input
  • fixed sound effect for rope traps springing on players
  • fixed sound effect for runner being eaten by a monk or being cast into oblivion

Speling pronlem


  • updated FNA to 16.07
  • FNA log added to crash dumps
  • on OS X machines, the CTRL key for shortcuts has been replaced with the COMMAND key
  • unassigned buttons on gamepads now show the new icon instead of a dash in the options dialog
  • you no longer need to set if you wish to use gamepad or keyboard - you can use both at the same time
  • fixed invalid data in the credits cut-scene (did not affect playback)
  • new debug information for the project

New debug info
Updated debug information

The old debug information was scattered around the border at the top and bottom of the game. Since space was limited, it didn't show much and adding information to it was complex (which it needn't have been). The new debug displays down the left side of the game.

In the above screenshot you can see three sections; the top is the same regardless if you are on the main menu, in the editor or playing a game; the middle has information for that part (screenshot shows gameplay data); the lower has extra data - in the screenshot a list of items at the mouse cursor.

Will I be taking requests on what to show? Will I be adding options to move it around so it doesn't cover some of the puzzle?
No. The debug information is really only meant for me but it isn't hidden either. You can still access it by pressing CTRL+ALT+TILDE.

Bugs being worked on

  • monks merging together on ladders (Leandro)
  • monks bunching together too closely on ladders (Howie, Gareth, Me)
  • issue with using multiple controllers (Howie)

What I'll probably do next week

  • bug fixes
  • monks getting to close together on ladders
  • improve upon LAN