Week #39 update

The main focus of all work done on Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge Rewrite was on completing tasks from my TODO list - most of these involved fixing little inconsistencies in gameplay behaviour VS the Original game.

Want the latest copy? Head over to the downloads page and download the September build. Everything you see below is included.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • performance gains when transitioning from editor to game (play-testing)
  • painting players;
  • fixed bug in undo that did not restore runners that were painted over other runners
  • fixed bug that did not remove runners from the puzzle
  • fixed bug that did not always paint buried items correctly
  • updated tooltips for puzzle viewer;
  • less text
  • fixed bug that showed incorrect values
  • moved text to the external language file

Puzzle viewer
Updated puzzle viewer tooltips


  • fixed bug when a runner uses a pick-axe on a ladder (Artyom)
  • updated collision detection
  • monk AI changes (matches the Original);
  • monks no longer chase runners entering a puzzle
  • monks no longer eat runners entering a puzzle
  • monks no longer eat runners when climbing out a blasted hole if they aren't close enough - now matches the Original
  • fixed bug that allowed monks to climb out of a blasted hole when a runner is standing on his head
  • fixed bug that allowed Wes Reckless to still move when monks are being controlled via Monk Mode (YOG)
  • support for the previous save game formats dropped;
  • this does not affect games saved after July 31st
  • jackhammer sequence updated;
  • no longer overplays by a frame - matches the Original
  • runner animation will start facing the same way he was last running;
    • this does not match the Original but it does make the animation much smoother
    • utilizes unused frames in the jackhammering animation
  • runners now start falling from phase and blastable blocks the same as the Original
  • fall-through block fixes;
  • players can no longer start above a fall-through and land
  • runners will stand on monks inside a fall-through - this matches the Original
  • fix players reporting incorrect positions (thus, sending them into walls)


  • the lobby no longer exits when host aborts the game when a puzzle transfer is in progress
  • YOG mode;
  • YOG needs to be enabled as per usual on the host AND cheats must be enabled for the game
  • supported cheats are 'Monk Control Mode CTRL+3', 'Collect All Gold CTRL+5' and 'Complete PUZZLE CTRL+8'
  • revert toggle added to the lobby when hosting

Updated lobby
Revert toggle to speedily reset all game options without quitting and starting again


  • completed major overhaul of core puzzle reading/writing;
  • this affected nearly every aspect of the editor and gameplay
  • changes to puzzle preview;
  • regenerating or lit bombs no longer show
  • buried gold no longer shows
  • removed dead code from project
  • return of the game credits when at the main menu (not the end of game credits);
  • suggested by Jeffrey
  • press CTRL/CMD+A at the main menu

Bugs being worked on

  • runners not entering exit doors (Howie)
  • some Windows machines not be able to detect LAN games (Steve)
  • machines with a different Windows on host/client are affected
  • items being painted into puzzles that are not the active tile

What I'll probably do next week

  • play LAN games to track down crash