April 8, 2017 · mmr wip weekly update

Weeks #13 & 14 update

Welcome to a very uneventful two weeks on the project! I've had some time off from the game and have been working on a new site for the project. The goal is to migrate MMR specific stuff to this site and leave the main site as a general blog. Weekly updates for MMR and Lode Runner 2 will be posted there.

There is no new build this week. I plan to get back into the project full-swing after this weekend. On the TODO list is a feature suggested by Jim Winkler to pause the game when testing from the editor, make some tweaks, and get back to testing without having to start again.

I also plan to automate more of the build process to also upload the builds to the Azure storage account.



Bugs being worked on

What I'll probably do next week


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