Week #3 update

If after converting 16,662 lines of code from one language into another and thinking you wouldn't run into any issues, then I'm not really sure how to finish this sentence... My free time this week was occupied either fixing foibles going to C# or trying to stay cool in the 42 degree Celsius heat (that's 108 Fahrenheit for the Yanks).

Special thanks to Howie for testing each of the 8 million builds I sent him.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • if you prefer the toolbox to be positioned on the right-hand side of the screen you can now tell it to do so by setting RhsToolbox to true in your configuration file


  • fixed logic flaw when calculating player positions
  • game HUDs now use external interface files;
  • fixed incorrect shortcut being assigned to the return button (Howie)
  • fixed bug that did not set the correct start lives when trying a puzzle from the editor
  • fixed issues with exit phase blocks (Levi);
  • pick-axe rubble no longer falls through these blocks
  • goop thrown from buckets no longer falls through these blocks
  • goop thrown from buckets no longer converts these blocks into regular phase blocks
  • jackhammers now supported
  • fixed bug that caused a big bomb to behave as a small bomb (Levi)
  • fixed bug that crashed the game when accessing the scoreboard (Howie, Jeffrey)
  • improved runners falling and landing on monks - matches the Original more closely
  • fixed bug when adding additional lives (read: cheating) (Howie)
  • Survive Liquid Tile quirk updated to match the Original;
  • you will survive starting 1x tiles above liquid (1x deep only)
  • you will survive starting 2x tiles above liquid (1x deep only)


  • streamlines content management code
  • significant performance boosts gained when loading game assets
  • fixed bug that prevented entering full-screen when the ForcePillarBoxes configuration setting was enabled
  • fixed incorrect audio tracks being loaded (Jeffrey)
  • fixed broken volume and speed toggle in Options dialog (Howie)
  • fixed IO path issue with macOS

Bugs being worked on

  • scrollbars/sliders not setting correct values (Howie)
  • monk hump 'n bump

What I'll probably do next week

  • input predication (web games)
  • monks merging when crossing ladders