Week #8 update

Most of my spare time out of work was spent clearing away all the burnt lantana and privet after the bushfire two weeks ago. Apart from the damage to my the mature trees in my yard, the fire has saved me many months of manual labour. You've got to look for the positives in things. This means only a fraction of what I time I have was spent on Lode Runner than usual. Still, I'm quite happy with the amount of things that got done on the project this week.

I've been alerted to new builds not running on macOS Sierra. In a nutshell: Lode Runner gets moved to a temporary folder with no permissions when you run it. You can find more information on App Translocation here. The solution is simple: download, unzip and then drag the app anywhere else. Special thanks to Trevor for his patience and testing.

Again, thanks to Trevor, macOS users can now download and run Jim Winkler's excellent Lode Runner Hacker's Editor (LodeEdit) tool. You can get a copy from the downloads page.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • when in full-screen (and there is enough room) the default toolbox position is now outside the game bounds;
  • this saves you having to drag it out the way when it blocks the puzzle you wish to paint
  • thanks to Gareth for coding this for me

Toolbox in full screen
Toolbox default position in full screen


  • fixed bug that awarded an extra life to the wrong player when clicking the HUD in a 2P local game
  • fixed bug that allowed a monk to free himself from a rope trap on ladders (William)
  • Bouncing off walls quirk now matches the Original
  • Flying Lode Runner quirk now matches the Original (Trevor)
  • You can't use that here quirk now matches the Original (Trevor)
  • you can now use a Big Bomb when in a rope trap - this matches the Original
  • fixed crash when debug mode is enabled
  • runners can now run across monks drowning - the matches the Original (Trevor)
  • fixed destroyed liquid (big bomb or pickaxe) not always drawing in the correct spot (Trevor)


  • improved overall network stability
  • vast bandwidth savings when no movement is taking place


  • rebuilt editor toolbox/tile palette interface files
  • options dialog now uses an external interface file
  • fixed bug that could crash the game when measuring empty strings

Bugs being worked on

  • some keyboard bindings swapping automatically to other keys (Trevor)
  • bomb timings don't match the Original (Trevor)

What I'll probably do next week

  • input predication (web games)
  • monk hump 'n bump improvements