New Game Options

New game options have been added that can now be set when picking a puzzle to play for any single or multiplayer game!
Extra options have been requested by a couple of testers and have finally made their way in.


You can access the new options via the puzzle picker for both single and multiplayer modes.

Game options

What's available?

Available options
Available options

As you can see above, Quirks Mode has been moved here so those rules can be used per session rather than be applied to every game. This also removes the ability to switch it on & off mid game which was previously possible via the options dialog.
You can still set Quirks Mode to be the default for all games via the config file.

1983 ruleset will do what it sounds like! When selected, it will apply the game rules and monk behaviour of the original 1983 Lode Runner. Requested by Jeffrey

No Extra Lives will allow you to start a game with a set amount of lives ranging from 1-99. No more will be granted on exiting a puzzle. Handy if you want to see how good you really are and see how far you can get without relying on bonus lives.

Time Limited will automatically save and quit once your chosen time has elapsed. You can select a time from 5 minutes to an hour in increments of 5 minutes. Requested by Jared

All of these options can be used separately or you can mix & match in any combination you feel like.

Limited lives
How far can you get?

Timed games
A quick game before bed


The options you choose (except time limits) will be saved along with your saved games. You can still alter the settings when you load your save if you decide you want to change them.

We've decided against adding more options mostly just to keep the game simple. The original Mad Monks' Revenge is a pretty basic game so we didn't want to get too crazy.

Whilst it's a simple looking dialog, it involved 15 mock-ups! And the winning mock-up? None of them!
After selecting the favourite and starting to create the final artwork for it, it morphed into #16 which is what we have today.

If you've got any feedback or find any issues we've missed, feel free to let us know!