March 29, 2015 · wip weekly update

Week #13 update

What I've done this week##

Quite a bit! A lot more polishing of the game menus, bug fixes, gameplay tweaks and high score tables.




My brother and I have been discussing what we can do with the modem play button on the main menu. Why? You don't need it as all the modern game types are covered: single, two player on the same PC and networking. We've come up with moving the editor icon to the modem spot and making it bigger, moving the settings button to the old editor button and putting in an exit button in its place.

The end result will look something like this:
Main menu mock-up
Work-in-progress. The editor icon needs a lot more work.

New this week is the high score screen on the main menu with the original checkerboard transition effect.

The end result is pretty much the same as the original. I say "pretty much" because mine works at random whereas the original does the same checkered squares at the same time every time.

*High score table with checkerboard effects*

What I'll probably do next week


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