Week #21 update

What I've done this week##

This week was spent fixing bugs that my testers found and working on monk AI. Not much done on the AI and I'm tossing up whether to start from scratch on it. The other main thing done this week was reworking the options dialog.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug or quirk. Thanks to all, I really appreciate the time and help. Cheers!

Also, head over to the downloads page and get the newest build to try! The downloads includes all the fixes in this weekly update + the previous three weeks worth of updates.


  • fixed bug that greyed out the World Dialog background scene when it shouldn't have
  • fixed bug that would stop the user returning to the main menu from the editor after trying a puzzle


  • fixed bug that prevented players from sliding down a ladder when blasting from one (Caleb)
  • fixed quirk that allowed a player running in goop and crossing a phase block to sometimes not fall (Caleb)
  • fixed bug that would stop a hero from running if a bomb had killed a monk (Mark)
  • fixed bug that let a detonating bomb continue on into the next puzzle
  • fixed bug that allowed a player to not stand on a monk standing in a hole (not fallen in one)
  • tweaked hero offsets when being eaten by a monk
  • fixed bug that sent a player into a block when a phase block is closing around him (Caleb)
    Phase bug

Monk AI fixes;

  • monk no longer jumps through a wall after;
  • eating a player when against a wall
  • monk switching to idle before turning left to pursue another hero (two-player)

I touched on it in the intro paragraph, but I may start looking into a rewrite of the monk AI. It is far, far too stupid at the moment and I can't really improve any more on it. A rewrite from scratch using a different approach I think will be a lot easier for me. It should only take a week to get it up to the same level as the current AI.


  • fixed a bug in the video player that could prematurely end a video/cut-scene
  • fixed a bug that would have associated gained keys wrong when altering keys in the options dialog

I've also added proper support for case-sensitive file names to the file dialog (Adam). In case you don't know, Windows is not case-sensitive. The file hello.txt and Hello.Txt are the same thing. On Mac OS X and Unix operating systems, they are treated as two different files. My MMR didn't have support to differentiate this due to the .Net Framework not having support for it.
The file dialog should now let you;

  • open puzzles on Mac OS X and Unix systems with puzzles in any case
  • Mac OS X and Unix systems can also rename and create puzzles with different casing in the file name
  • Windows still works perfectly (as usual)

What I'll probably do next week

  • play/test for bugs
  • start new AI?