Week #37 update

What I've done this week##

I spent all of week 37 going through my TO-DO list (a text file add to the LR project in Visual Studio) and trying to weed down the backlog of tasks that me, my brother and fellow testers have discovered. I took the time to do a major project clean-up, going through each file and removing dead code and making tweaks.

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • increase speed of adjusting settings (pliers) tool when the mouse buttons are held down
  • removed superfluous methods


  • fixed bug that stopped you from skipping a puzzle (cheating by clicking on the puzzle numbers)
  • sound effects now resume after the game starts (after pausing when runners enter the puzzle standing)
  • fixed bug that prevented runners from safely walking across spawning monks (Kyson)
  • players can no longer leap off a ladder and through the side of a fall-through block (Kyson)
  • monks;
  • fixed bug that prevented monks from climbing out of a blasted hole if they were waiting on a blocking monk
  • monks now wait before drowning if they are above another monk - matches original
  • fixed bug that caused monks to move left/right when they should not have been doing so - this was introduced by tweaks to support LAN games
  • fixed bug with monks getting stuck when spawning into the puzzle on top of another monk (Kyson)
  • fixed bug that caused monks to drop gold into the same blasted block if there were falling (Kyson)
  • LAN;
  • games that are no longer available (host no longer hosting) will be removed from the list periodically
  • you can now double-click on a game to join
  • you can now pause games properly
  • thanks to Rick for helping with LAN testing this past week


  • moved nearly all of the text for tooltips, dialogs and message prompts to the language files in PRS14;
  • this also including adding tooltip text for the options dialog which was mostly missing
  • LAN game related text is hard-coded in at the moment
  • moved duplicate functions shared by the editor and game to puzzle class (edging/seaming blocks)
  • removed some methods from the sound manager

The RIFF AVI players got a slight overhaul this week. I've touched on writing the AVI player a little before back in March this year here and here. Keen-eared listeners may have noticed several audio crackles when watching the Astro world and the ending video. This audio issue has now been fixed which also allowed me to remove quite a lot of testing/dead code from the AVI parser and the video player.

*Beware of murky water!*

Bugs being worked on

  • Gravis gamepads not working with OS X (Adam)
  • currently being looked into with Adam's help

What I'll probably do next week

  • play/test for bugs
  • work on some of my TO-DO list items
  • continue AI improvements
  • continue LAN