November 29, 2015 · weekly update wip

Week #48 update

A lot of time was spent this week doing some general maintenance on the project, checking to make sure the game matches the original and fixing some bugs. With the help of Leandro, I'm happy to safely say that one can play the game for hours and not find a single glitch!

The November build is now ready! Head over to the downloads page and get yourself a copy. There is only one more update this year so this will be the last big push to get as much done as I can. The good news is my brother is back from a work trip so he'll be able to chip in to speed things up.

Some of you may have noticed the end game credits where the same as the old File > About menu ones. I spent quite a lot of time to adding the original. These are by far the largest of the cut-scenes and are separated over three separate files (six files in total). Unlike the other cut-scenes, the credits are not 100% - the speed of the scrolling credits is not the same. The original ones are a little jerky for my liking. I don't think this is massive issue though.

*The original game credits in action*





Bugs being worked on

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What I'll probably do next week


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