December 12, 2015 · wip weekly update

Weeks #49 and #50 Update

Welcome to weeks 49 and 50 update! Usually posts like this have the "bumper update" tag but I'm going to be honest straight off the bat: not a huge amount of work was done this past fortnight. I had a much deserved breather. I also went to visit my brother and you can't work on Lode Runner and play Far Cry 4 at the same time. It's a science fact.

We also put together a dining table from Kmart. A simple 9 piece table took two of us only an hour. It would have gone quicker if a) the directions weren't on a single-sided sheet of A4, 2) the images were detailed, not the size of a thumbtack and not blurry, 3) the little spanner that came with it actually fitted the nuts and 4) my brother didn't decide to leave me with it while he buggered off to have a bog for 15 minutes.

Having said this, I did manage to get quite a few bits done. Several bug fixes + converting the Reef World cut-scene to a different format (which you can read all about here).

I'd like to thank Leandro for all the testing and playing he did this last two weeks. I really appreciate it mate!



If you don't know already, the cut-scenes for Reef and Astro Worlds + the ending are not in the same format as the others, rather, your bog-standard RIFF AVI circa 1992. Well, not anymore, I've spent quite a lot of time this week and last converting the Reef World scene into the same propriety Presage format. As you can see in the video below, it worked out quite well. You can read a complete roundup of the process and why I did in here.

*Reef World cut-scene in Presage format*


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What I'll probably do next week


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