Week #52 update

I managed to get a few things done on Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Rewrite this week. You may have noticed that not a lot of work has been done the last few updates but don't worry, the project is still going strong! With Christmas, some internet troubles and R&R out of the way, I'll back to spending all my free time and every waking thought on the project ;)

There's no monthly round-up post for December since I'm working on a bumper 2015 summary post so head straight to the downloads page and get the December 2015 build. Just remember that the application folder has changed to Lode Runner Online and on Windows machines, is now located in your Documents folder. You can read more on why and how to keep any puzzles/saves you have in last weeks post.

There's plenty happening next year (read: tomorrow) on the project; finish networking, finish cut-scenes, bug fixes, four runners, black/purple monks (from LR2) and lots more. I've only got the ending video to go which is well under way.

Most of my time on MMR was spent converting the Astral World AVI video into the original Presage format. You can read more about this during the Reef World conversion post here.

*The all new Astral World!*

Thanks to Travis for letting me know there was an issue with the November build for OS X (and Linux). I forgot to update the binaries that FNA utilize. :(

A name in parenthesis and in bold is the finder of the bug/quirk. Thanks to all, I really do appreciate your time and support. Cheers!


  • runners can now run into a monk standing in a hole from the side and be eaten - this matches the original (Jeffrey)
  • clicking the die button on the UI for a runner (skull and bones icon) will now start the game after the pre-game pause - this matches the original (Jeffrey)
  • CTRL+K/A shortcuts for Jake/Wes death added (Jeffrey)


  • the copy of FNA was updated to the first official release
  • removed the two Theroa libraries from the OS X build (not used)
  • the intro music (also used for the options dialog) now plays after the Sierra/Jeff Tunnell logos as per the original - (Jeffrey)
  • project clean-up